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¡ôFixed amount oil machine
¡@Oil Equipment ¡GOT-DM-021-A Fixed amount oil machine 6000Type
Apply to all kinds of fluid
Entire voltage input , For AC 100 V~AC 240 V
Built-in one by one output , connects with one pair syringe or adhesive valve precision oil coating
Vacuum picking function prevent from leaking
Knob time control, easy to set
This machine can connect with any brand of X Y Table semi-automatic or automatic machine
One-Year Limited Warranty
Item model name
Fixed amount oil machine
Control system
Electro-pneumatic system
Dispensing pressure
Max ¡V 10 bar
Vacuum device
Vacuum adjustment device for fluid drip prevention
Vacuum pressure range
0 ¡V 2.5 bar
Dispensing mode
External (manual) sign or integrated timer¡V Total 2 different function can choice
Input / output signals

Input¡GNon-contact or contact

Pneumatic supply source
10 bar or less
Power supply / Power consumption
AC 100 V ~ AC 240 V 50 / 60 HZ - 17W
External dimensions
W 227 ¡Ñ D 150 ¡Ñ H 68 mm
2.0 KG

¡@How to use 300cc oil to infuse into small syringe of 55cc or 30cc ?

Step1. Cuts the tip of the 300cc oil tube, put it into the oil filler external tube and then cover it (press down and rotate) .
Step2. Rotates connecter into 300cc oil biting part (rotate) .
Step3. Rotates 30cc or 50cc syringe into (piston has to set in bottom) .
Step4. Connects air pressure, adjust pressure and make 300cc oil to enter the 30cc or 55cc syringe slowly (80¢H full is ok) .

¡@How to drop oil in fixed amount?

Step1. Connects the 55cc syringe, which fills oil , with cover component and then press and rotate its air pressure
connecter to oil machine.
Step2. Fixed amount oil machine adjustment :
1. Plugs in main power (It is feasible for 110~220)
2. Connects air pressure
3. Connects pedal switch
4. Adjusts the air pressure to suitable pressure (It can¡¦t exceed 5kg)
5. Adjusts dropping time and place of semi-automatic or automatic machine
Step3. Choose suitable syringe needle or comb and connect 55cc syringe.

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