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Operating Knowledge

01. Is the viscosity of adhesive related to its bonding strength?
The viscosity is different from bonding strength. The bonding strength is influenced by many variables however the viscosity may be one factor of it but not necessary.

02. The correct using method and common mistake of Two Parts Epoxy (AB Adhesive).

a. Correct using method :
First, prepares container and stir stick. According to designate rate, pour them into a container and stir it evenly about 1 min (It will become thick state). Notice that Two Parts Epoxy be need to roast or not.

b. Common mistake :
• Only judge dosage by eye
• Stir adhesive at will
The above-mentioned are two mistakes about AB Adhesive can’t curing completely so please use it according to correct using method.

03. How to accelerate Silicon Rubber curing?
The Silicon Rubber can reduce curing time when it be heated. Two dose Silicon Rubber can raise temperature and let it cure quickly but the change of humidity relation is small.

04. Why do some Silicon Rubber fog when they are used on transparent plastic?
The acetic acid gas of alkali-refining volatile compounds has corrosiveness. The MEK-Oxime gas may corrode plastic in airtight state.

05. What is different with Yellow Adhesive and White Adhesive?
The biggest different from Yellow Adhesive and White Adhesive is that the White Adhesive is thixotropic resin. Besides, the heatproof ability of White Adhesive is higher than Yellow Adhesive.

06. What should we do when Yellow Adhesive and White Adhesive harden?
If Yellow and White Adhesive are not overdue, you can use toluene solvent to dilute it. When they can be diluted means it still can be used.

07. What is the correct store method of Super Glue?
The Super Glue is the type of humidity curing. When you don’t use it, please store it in refrigerator, prevent curing.

08. What is the remove method of Super Glue?
Drop some remover on cured Super Glue, the Super Glue will be softened and then you can remove it.

09. Why do some Super Glue dry quickly?
The dry speed of Super Glue can be controlled, the tranquilizer is more the curing time is longer, on the contrary, the tranquilizer is less the curing time is shorter. Besides, the humidity and the temperature can affect the curing speed. Ex. In cold weather, the curing speed is slow because of low steam.

10. What is “nm”?
The “nm” means “Nanometer”, it is length unit. It means one-hundred millionth meter(1nm=10-9m) i.e. one-millionth millimeter. The size is close to atom.

11. What is “mj”?
The “mj” means one-thousandth “joule”, it is international unit (IU) of power and energy i.e. unit of calorific capacity. One joule is required power that use one newton to move object to one meter.

12. How to remove UV Adhesive?
Generally speaking, UV Adhesive can be removed by alcohol before it cures. After UV Adhesive cured, you can dip object to remove it by toluene, benzene or paint remover (You can get it in hardware store). According to its thickness, the dip time is about 20 mins upward. You can also use uv adhesive remover to remove UV Adhesive, its result is much better. Please notice that the solvent of the above all have corrosiveness so the object can’t be plastic and you have to wear acid-proof gloves when you handle it. If the object is plastic, please just remove the UV Adhesive by knife.

13. How to maintain the quartz optical fiber pipe of UV machine?
The head of optical fiber pipe is needed to clean by alcohol everyday. We suggest setting exhaust facility around illuminated object, it can reduce that volatility gas pollute optical fiber pipe.

14. How long can we operate after Thread Locking Adhesive is dropped?
Please don’t adjust object until 15 mins or you may affect its bonding strength. You can start to operate after 24 hrs upward.

15. How to store Screw Adhesive? How long can it store?
Please store at a cool place, keep away from high temperature and sun exposure directly. It can store for one year.

16. What is different with complete curing and partly curing of Screw Adhesive?
Complete curing also called Anaerobic Screw Locking Adhesive. It generally applies to inside of spiral shells and can’t remove after curing. Partly curing generally applies to outside of screw after it rotated to lock for remove it conveniently in the future.

17. What is the operating method of Conformal Coating Solvent?
You can use spray bottle or comb to coat and also can dip it because of its high flow.

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